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On Sunday 10th July 2016 at the NODA South East Region AGM / Presentation of Awards for 2105 Ceremony at the Assembly Rooms, Alton, the Regis players were awarded an Accolade of Excellence for the play Quartet by Ronald Harwood performed in December 2015.

Left to right Elaine Green - Chairman Regis Players, Jose Harrison - NODA Councilor District 9, Julia Webb - Director of Quartet

In 10 years we have now obtained the Accolade of Excellence for 5 of our plays: Steel Magnolias (2008), Tinsel (2010), Waiting for Godot (2014), The Entertainer (2014) and now Quartet (2015) which is most heartening.




The Regis Players


The Odd Couple


Reviewed by:  Jose Harrison on Friday 29th July, 2016

Venue:  Felpham Village Hall

Type of Production: Play

Director: Gill Lambourn




The set was extremely good, very cleverly set up in the round which worked very well for this particular production giving the principal couple and their various visitors plenty of space for the very varied activities. The considered lighting with two chandeliers made the entire apartment come to life, cleverly redressed for each scene, giving a clue to the personality of the different pair and the state of their lives. In the hands of two very accomplished players, Paul Taylor as Oscar and Patrick Hunter playing the part of Felix, Regis Players were on to a sure winner with this well written and well known Neil Simon play. They held their audience from start to finish with good timing and getting the most out of their parts. I could really believe how annoying Oscar was to his card playing buddies with his slap happy housekeeping and general uncouth behaviour. Agreeing to set up home with Felix who showed all the nuances of a pedantic man with lots of hang-ups, a strange view of relationships and being obsessively house proud was a disaster from the start. The episodes of funny incidents throughout the play were very well-rehearsed, and seemed to happen as a matter of course, they just flowed which I liked, as there was no preparation for what was going to happen it just happened which made it all the more real and hilarious. They were well supported by the remaining gentlemen of the cast namely Jamie Potts - Speed, Trevor Roman - Murray, Paul Ramsey - Vinnie and David Bennett Roy.  They made up a very varied group sitting around the gambling table being convincing at all times. I loved the scenes with the sandwiches. The two ladies of the cast Deborah Addicott as Gwendolyn and Lizzie Emmerson as Cecily added another dimension with their interesting portrayals. They burst on to the stage in outrageous costumes and spent their time treating us to fabulous scenes of hysterical laughter or desperate depression. I have seldom laughed so openly at a production.  It was a delight from start to finish.


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