'The Vigil' by Ladislas Fodor

Directed by Peter Green

Friday May 18th (7:30pm) 2007 St. Mary's Church, Felpham

Saturday May 19th (7:30pm) 2007 St. Wilfrid's Church, Ellasdale Road, Bognor Regis

Sunday May 20th (7:30pm) 2007 St. Paul's Church, Churchside, Chichester


‘The Vigil’, a play for today, has a theme as old as man himself: Is there life beyond death? Are we redeemed by God's love or is this just a vain hope fostered by the erroneous belief that Jesus rose from the dead?

The play  probes deeply into the facts concerning the Resurrection. Did Christ rise from the dead on the third day, the first Sunday of Man, or was it just the plot of clumsy Galilean fishermen?

As always it must be left to the individual as he searches into his soul to find the answer. The actors bring the evidence before you in the somewhat unusual setting of a modern courtroom.





Cast/ Production

Marg Renee Kramer
Violet Sandy Knight
Judge Doug Hammond
Prosecutor Carole Smith
Council for the Defence Peter Green
Esther Natalie Puttick
Private Lucius Leonn Summers
Mrs Pinchas Di Hiblen
Joseph of Arimithea Richard Greenhorn
Lady Procula Chrissie Lester
Pontius Pilate Trevor Roman
Saul of Tarus David Rosser
Beulah Corinne Court
Sadoc Mary Ann Bart
Susannah Deborah Addicot
Professor Thaddeus Nigel Purchase
Elias Jacobson, Gardener Grahame Hurren
Simon Peter John Covey
Mary Magdalene Sandra Brookes
  Directed by Peter Green
  Production Assistant Renee Kramer
  Wardrobe Rebecca Haig