A Small Affair

by Bob Larbey

14/15 June, 2008

Felpham Village Hall


Guy Director Doug Hammond
Judy Stage Manager Sandy Knight
Terry Actor Trevor Roman
Ellen Actress Rebecca Haig
Janet Actress Sonia Johnson
Mona Actress Liz McNally
Harry Electrician Bernard Taylor
Ada Cleaner Julia Webb
Harriet RT Reporter Katherine Taylor
Caroline PA Abi Holdsworth
Mrs Web Game Show Contestant Renee Kramer
Mrs Hodge Game Show Contestant Di Hiblen
Mrs Platt Game Show Contestant Chrissie Lester
Ron Security Officer Chris Armstead
Stevie Director of Game Show Lucinda Dearlove
Sally Asst. to Head of Admin Kate Ogle
Head of Drama   John Covey
Directed by   Peter Green




A Small Affair is a one act play which is a very funny expose of the broadcasting business.


6 plays are being rehearsed in a television drama department and the play focuses on one of the plays being directed by Guy "the ultimate triumph of the human spirit" which is beset by problems - the cast are shunted into a small room as space is at a premium with all the other plays being rehearsed at the same time and there are some problematic actors and actresses - an over acting leading lady fresh from Hollywood and demanding star status from the fawning director, a sozzled actor and a maintenance man intent on fixing things and at the same time passing on his comments about the play rehearsal.

The cast also find their rehearsal space double booked and this brings the cast into loggerheads with the director and contestants in a 'Make a Fool of Yourself' game show rehearsal.

By the time the Head of Drama appears the comedy has turned into farce and it is the Head who has to tell the embattled cast some grave news that is disappointing to some and a great relief to others!


The  play was specially written for the Ockley Drama Society by Bob Larbey, author of the play 'A Month of Sundays' that we staged in June 2007.


Bob Larbey

Bob Larbey started his career in collaboration with John Esmonde  with 'Room at the Bottom' in 1966 and went on to co-create one of the most successful ITV comedies ever 'Please Sir'. Success continued at the BBC with 'The Good Life', 'Ever Decreasing Circles' and 'Brush Strokes'. Other classics such as 'A Fine Romance' and 'As Time Goes By' number amongst his solo work.

Photographs kindly provided by Chris Armstead and Alex Marner