by Jean McConnell

7:30pm Saturday 17 July, 2010

3:00pm Sunday 18th July, 2010

Felpham Village Hall

Three playlets from Jean McConnell’s Deckchairs II and Deckchairs III plays - each for two actresses. The playlets are alternatively funny and poignant and each has a distinct ‘twist in the tail’. The format is the same as the very successful sell-out production of Bob Larby’s ‘A Small Affair’ in June 2008 where the play is presented as Supper Theatre on the Saturday evening with a fish and chip or chicken and chip supper (BYO wine) and on the Sunday an afternoon performance with a delicious cream tea!


Theatrical Digs
   from Deckchairs 2 directed by Doug Hammond
 with Sandy Knight and Liz McNally 

Liz McNally   Doug Hammond (Director)  Sandy Knight

Pascaline Holbein (Liz McNally), a glamorous and conceited actress, who is playing in the end of the pier show, meets her challenge in the elderly and eccentric Maggie Festoon (Sandy Knight).


Last Post
 from  from Deckchairs 3 directed by  John Covey
with Judy Watts and Lucinda  Dearlove

Lucinda  Dearlove    John Covey (Director)   Judy Watts

When Felicity (Judy Watts), the widow of a much-respected Army Colonel, discovers that his past seems to include a secret child for whom he was paying maintenance, she is naturally very distressed. But she is determined to protect his reputation and retain her own dignity. Not so easy when Mary (Lucinda Dearlove) the mother of the child in question arrives on her doorstep.


Cupboard Love
  from Deckchairs 3  directed by Pauline Edwards
with Di Hiblen and Chrissie Lester

Di Hiblen   Pauline Edwards (Director)    Chrissie Lester

Peggy (Di Hiblen) and Jane (Chrissie Lester) come to rest and meet for the first time after jogging. They find to their delight that they have much in common: both are excellent cooks and both are fighting the flab acquired through preparing rich meals for their respective gentleman friends.




I would like to offer congratulations and warmest thanks for  the Regis Players production of 'Deckchairs'. Another very successful  Entertainment for the Village and many others to enjoy, plus Supper or a sumptuous  Cream Tea.

Jean McConnell is very clever to write short Plays with so much humour or drama packed in to laugh at or think about.

Many congratulations again and thanks to all those involved (and I'm sure they are many) for giving so much effort for the enjoyment of your audiences. In my case there could be no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

With kindest regards to all concerned, Heather Howell.