'The Scottish Play'

by Graham Holliday

Thursday 15 - Sunday 18th April, 2010

Play Venue:  Felpham Village Hall

Directed by Philip Amor




Michael, a member of the Shellsfoot Players, has always harboured an ambition to direct Macbeth, so when the Society’s autumn production is cancelled he seizes his opportunity. He encounters problems, of course right from the start of auditions and it soon appears that the theatrical jinx surrounding the play extends to amateur productions, and to Michael's own private life, too, but he is determined to get the show on at any cost. A witty, humorous play, totally true to life, which was first broadcast on BBC Radio.


(kindly provided by Philip Amor)




Photography below kindly provided by Chris Armstead


Shellsfoot Thespians    
Michael Peter Green
Lynne, his wife Liz NcNally
Frank Doug Hammond
Alan Matthew Hughes-Short
Barnaby Christ Armstead
Geraldine Deborah Amor
Sally Julia Webb
Fiona Carrie Baker
Mary Judy Roberts
Pamela Pammi Haylett
Daisy Elaine Green  
Cooper & Dye Estate Agents  
Les Dye, Estate Agent Barry Jarvis
Jackie, receptionist Sandy Knight
NODA Review

Thank you so much for inviting us to see another version of Macbeth.  You really will have to do the original now!!!  Thank you for your hospitality.  As always you made us feel very welcome.

“The Scottish Play” is so well written with great opportunities for making the audience laugh provided the timing was right.  In this case the direction was superb and the performers all got their punch lines timed to perfection. I always feel that pauses are a vital part of a production but so often amateur performers are afraid of them.  They add so much atmosphere to a story line and The Regis Players made the most of them.

I was highly impressed with the simple stage set and the slick way in which the scenes were changed.  I feel I must congratulate the back stage crew on an excellent job and the lighting team and the sound team for such an exceptional effort.  They were all kept very busy but all credit to your cast. Sandy, in her role as prompt, seemed redundant.

Peter as Michael was superb from start to finish.  He must have lived that part from morn to night to have mastered all that dialogue.  Not only that, he became Michael with all his single mindedness and dedication.  It really was an exceptional performance.  Deborah, Liz and Matthew also stood out in their various roles and all the other members of the cast gave good supporting performances making this a play that I will remember for a long time.

 Jose Harrison.

NODA Dist. 9.
17th April, 2010