'And Then There Were None'
by Agatha Christie

7:30pm Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th December, 2011


Directed by John Covey

Felpham Village Hall



David Rosser

Mrs Rogers

Sue Bartlett


Keith Hellyer


Liz McNally


Richard Greenhorn


Matthew Hughes-Short


Doug Hammond

Gen. Mackenzie

Trevor Roman

Emily Brent

Sandy Knight


Bernard Taylor

Dr Armstrong

Alan Ward





John Covey

Stage  Manager

Judy Roberts


Technical Manager

Alex Marner



Natalie Rowland



Becky Moore





The quality of amateur productions in my area has gone up and up over the past few years.  This show was no exception as it was very well staged and kept us guessing who the murderer could possibly be up until the very last minute.  The set, sound and lighting were very good and the cast members performed with confidence being very careful not to pick up each otherís vibes. All eleven performers came over as very different characters, each one an unusual personality in his or her own right.  There were a number of deaths on stage and each one was totally convincing in both the way they died and the fact that they were dead.  It is very difficult to pick out individuals for their performances as they all maintained their personalities so well throughout but I must mention Liz McNally, Richard Greenhorn, and Bernard Taylor as they were exceptional as was the director who managed to move a great many performers around the stage without ever allowing them to upstage each other.  No small effort  with such a large cast and a small stage.  My congratulations to them all.


Jose Harrison. Noda Rep. Dist. 9.