'New Year Follies'
with Music, Laughter & Good Cheer

7:30pm Saturday 7th January, 2012

Felpham Village Hall


Included a Potted Panto production

Rhyming Ali Ba Ba  
by Richard Coleman  


Directed by Peter Green

Musical Director - Peter Morgan





Narrator Di Hiblen
Ali Ba Ba Chrissie Lester
Ali's Mother Sandy Knight
Morgiana Ali's Sister Liz MacNally
Karim Ali's Brother Renee Kramer
Aswan - Leader of the robber band Clive Curtis
Mustapher - Aswan's right hand man Liz MacNally
4 Thieves Liz MacNally
livia Taylor-Curtis
Megan Green
Erin Green
Genie Keith Hellyer
Policeman Chris Armstead






Rhyming Ali Ba Ba  
by Richard Coleman