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Waiting for Godot
By Samuel Beckett


12th, 13th July 2014



Jubilee Hall, New Park Community Centre


Estragon Bernard Taylor
Vladimir Peter Green
Lucky David Rosser
Pozzo Richard Greenhorn
Boy Erin Green


Production Manager Elaine Green
Staging by Pitch Black Lighting Mark and Natalie Rowland
Technical Manager Alex Marner
Most gratefully assisted by Michael Nott
  Trevor Roman

Our thanks to Allison and Rod at the New Park Centre for all their encouragement and support.

A huge thank you to Mark at Pitch Black Lighting for constructing a fully operational stage and lighting gantry in the Jubilee Hall.

Also John Covey for the terrific photos of the play.


'You have taken a very difficult play and absolutely nailed it. This has been a landmark production for The Players. It has established us as a truly reputable company. I have always said that a good play does not need a big set, flashy lighting, or elaborate costumes. It needs good actors! This production had outstanding actors. It also had a great technical crew, which worked tirelessly to get it right.
One of the best performances I have ever seen (amateur or professional ).
Bognor should be proud'
- JC

 'Tour de Force' - AG

'Superb' - AW

Peter Green (Vladimir) :

Godot  has no significant plot or character development but focuses on two gentleman of the road - Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo) who have been together for fifty years and have nothing to do in life but wait for a Mr Godot.

The thing that particularly attracts me to the play is the exploration of what happens in life when you strip away all the distractions that normally preoccupy us, where the characters have nothing but the tatty clothes they live in and the odd carrot or turnip to live on.

In this bare existence they have just one goal and that is to get through the day and they do this waiting for the mysterious Godot and filling the time with conversation and banter. Is Godot God? There are references to being saved if Godot turns up. Are Gogo and Didi in limbo whilst waiting to be saved? Becket told Sir Ralph Richardson ‘if by Godot I had meant God I would have said God and not Godot’. So Godot is not God - but who?

The passage of time is a crucial part of the play - when you have nothing to do then the elements of the day provided by nature itself - daybreak, daytime, twilight, evening, night-time provide a ‘repertory’ of performances for those who have time on their hands to observe the changes through the day.

The play is a classic of twentieth century literature. Harold Hobbs commented on the 1955 production ‘Go and see Waiting for Godot. At worst you will discover a curiosity, a four-leaved clover, a black tulip; at best, something that will securely lodge in a corner of your mind for as long as you live’.

PG (Vladimir)