'The Magic of Christmas'
with Music, Laughter & Good Cheer

7:30pm Saturday 19th December, 2009

Felpham Village Hall


Our Christmas production  'The Magic of Christmas' was the third in what has been a very successful festive event in December.



by Stuart Ardern


Directed by Peter Green





Aladdin Liz McNally
Wishy-Washee John Covey
Widow Twanky Bernie Taylor
Palace Guard 1 Sandy Knight
Palace Guard 2 Julia Webb
Princess Hoo Iz Shee Rebecca Haig
The Princess's Maid Renee Kramer
Empress Hoo Sed Zat Di Hiblen
Emperor Hoo Cann Tel Chris Armstead
Abanaza Keith Hellyer
The Slave of the Ring Doug Hammond
The Genie of the Lamp Clive Curtis