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'Who Killed the Ship's Captain'

A Murder Mystery by A.P. Grozdanovic and Chris Martin


7:30pm Saturday 13th September, 2014
2:30pm Sunday 14th September, 2014

Felpham Village Hall

Directed by Peter Green

Narrator         Sandy Knight
Detective Inspector Peach Barry Jarvis
Captain Edward Pearson 

Paul Taylor

Mrs Elizabeth Pearson, the Captain’s Wife Liz McNally

William Earnshaw, Chief Officer

Trevor Roman
Mrs Catherine Earnshaw, the Chief Officer’s Wife Jackie Bower
Miss Pamela Davies, the Captain’s Personal Secretary   Deborah Addicott
Dr Ian Jackson, the Ship’s Doctor  Paul Ramsay
Jack Bailey, the Cabin Boy Chris Armstead
Director Peter Green
Production Assistant/ Audience Liaison Pearl Anderson

Setting: Passenger lounge of ‘The Helmroid’ the flagship of the Blue Triangle Shipping Company. It is July 15th 1912 exactly three months after the Titanic sank on its journey from Southampton to New York. The ship is returning to Britain from New York.